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Matteo Bevilacqua is an Italian concert pianist, which currently holds the position of artist-in-residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium, under the guidance of Maestros Frank Braley and Avedis Kouyoumdjian.

Considered one of the most captivating pianists of his generation, he records for international labels Naxos Records and Grand Piano. His albums receive reviews from prestigious international publications such as Gramophone and are broadcasted on national radios like Rai Radio 3.

Laureate of the “Premio Concerti a Teatro” from the Carispezia Foundation and the International Competition “Palma d’oro” in Finale Ligure, Matteo has garnered awards in over 30 international competitions. He regularly performs at renowned venues including the Millennium Amphitheater in Dubai, the Schlosstheater of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Flagey and the Royal Parc de Brussels, Teatro Civico in La Spezia, Teatro Palladium in Rome, Teatro Dei Marsi in Avezzano, Arsonic in Mons, Teatro Massimo in Pescara, Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, and Teatro Savoia in Campobasso. With over 100 solo concerts to his credit, he has been featured in numerous festivals and seasons, including the Mittelfest Festival, Perosi Festival, Vauxhall Festival, Legno Vivo Festival, Ente Regionale Teatrale, Società del Teatro e della Musica di Pescara, Festival “Castel dei Mondi,” Amici della Musica di Campobasso and Udine, Accademia Ricci, Fondazione Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, Roma 3 Orchestra, and the EEAS (European External Action Service).

He has collaborated and shared the stage with illustrious musicians and personalities, including the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, the Symphony Orchestra of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Roma 3 Orchestra, pianists Bruno Canino, Frank Braley, Irene Russo, Luca Trabucco, Ferdinando Mussutto, graphic designer Paolo Tassinari, paleoanthropologist Claudio Tuniz, cosmologist and popularizer Lorenzo Pizzuti, computer programmer Alessandro Passoni, directors Fabrizio Arcuri, Gigi Dall’Aglio, and Virginio Liberti, dancer Martina Tavano, flutist and singer Tinkara Kovac, mezzo-soprano Valentina Volpe Andreazza, journalist Cristina Bonadei, and conductors Sieva Borzak, Roberto Beltran Zavala, and Paolo Paroni.

He is actively involved in rediscovering 20th-century Italian music, having completed the entire piano works of Luciano Berio and two chamber music CDs with the Roma 3 Orchestra Ensemble dedicated to the chamber works of composer Lorenzo Perosi, released by the international label “Naxos Records.” The albums have received positive reviews from critics (Gramophone, 2022) and are broadcasted on Rai Radio 3. In 2021, he participated in a national tour with the Roma 3 Orchestra Ensemble (across Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, and Lombardy) featuring music by Perosi, Wolf Ferrari, and Wagner.

In addition to his intense concert and recording activities, he dedicates himself to the research and development of interdisciplinary projects that connect music with other arts, scientific disciplines, and new technologies. His flagship project is the performance “Mezzocielo,” an interdisciplinary project involving music, visual arts, and neuroscience.

The performance is dedicated to the emotions evoked by the pianist during a concert: the performer wears an EEG neural helmet that records the brain activity related to his emotional state, and with his mind, he “draws while playing.” The changing parameters generate real-time chromatic and geometric variations in visual artworks specially designed by the renowned graphic designer Paolo Tassinari of the Tassinari/Vetta studio, which are projected in an immersive and enveloping environment where the audience is hosted.

The performance in 2023 will debut in Andria at the “Castel dei Mondi” Festival.

He also develops “Piano unPlugged”: a performance for piano, harmonium, various instruments, and live electronics in which the high quality and craftsmanship of acoustic instruments merge with the innovation of sound manipulation. The audience can thus enjoy an immersive musical experience with the affected sound of instruments and famous melodies and soundtracks, as well as significant pieces from the classical musical repertoire played on a grand piano.

“A young virtuoso who gives us an iridescent Debussy, with pearly reflections, impetuous, ironic, delicate, thoughtful, different from prelude to prelude.”

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He is one of the founders of the RiMe MuTe project (research, media, music, technology), an under-35 initiative comprised of musicians and researchers, officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture since 2022. The project aims to establish Innovative Classical Music (ICM), which involves the overall renewal of live classical music performance. This is achieved through the composition of young professionals under 35 (currently outnumbering job opportunities), the unique show format, the high quality of concerts, the intertwining of art and science, and other artistic disciplines (multidisciplinarity).

Matteo made his debut on stage at the age of 11 as an actor, being selected for various professional productions by CSS – Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione (“Pieri da Brazzaville” by Paolo Patui with direction by Gigi dall’Aglio; “Il bicchiere della staffa” by Harold Pinter with direction by Virginio Liberti).